The portfolio page presents the totality of my published works in criticism, in fiction and on fiction, narrative and the changing media and publishing landscapes through which it reaches us.

My continuing research into the promises of applying narrative theory to Artificial Intelligence and models of text generation.

Ulysses, the Odyssey and Temporal Correspondence

Winner of the 2019 Arthur Terry Postgraduate essay prize and published on their website, this textual analysis examines the changing role of time in epic narrative.

The Radiance of Banality.

A journey through the realm of , also published with the Erotic Review and Independent Publisher’s Magazine.

Damning with Quaint Praise.

A discussion of the pitfalls of the book reviewing and testimonial industry in the UK, also published with the Independent Publisher’s Magazine.

Page Burner.

Solar Bones

Page Burner reviews Mike McCormack‘s Solar Burns, recipient of the Goldsmith Prize and shortlisted for the Booker at the time of writing.


McEwan’s Nutshell has been steadily gaining applause since its 2016 release. Could this finally be the one to win our hearts?

Tin Man

Eye-catching, heart-breaking, Winman’s follow up to When God was a Rabbit has earned all the compound adjectives.


Set in rural England Fiona Mosley’s surprise Booker nominee is put under Page Burner’s ‘scope.

Eating Will Self’s Brain

The conclusion to Will Self’s Shark trilogy put Page burner into a cannabalistic fit. A special post is in order.

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